WISeKey India Pvt. Ltd.

WISeKey India Pvt. Ltd.


A Vertical Cyber Security Platform

Founded in 1999, WISeKey International Holding Ltd is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and has its operations in many countries across the globe. The overall WISeKey objective to provide secured solution including hardware and software components as mentioned below:

• Managed PKI (mPKI) solutions for Blockchain/non-Blockchain initiatives
• Root of Trust to chips- We have the state of the art offering for making the IoT devices secured for Authentication as well as secured communication
• Secure Communication solutions with Hardware and Software elements powered by WISeKey Technology
• Secure Digital Signing of documents using the vault and document management services
• Custom security solutions at hardware/software levels tailored for your security requirements
• “WISeAuthentic” for digital Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeit Solution
• “WISeID” for digital identity solution on both centralized and decentralized platforms
• Payment Cards, EMV and wearable secured payment solutions
• Secured Crypto and NFC solutions
• Secured Smart City solutions with IoT, AI and Blockchain technologies
• Connected Cars solutions with highly secured communication technology
• Blockchain solutions for governments and corporates with its innovative technology stack

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