Why Bitcoin is not a murky market for Tim Draper?

Tim Draper has made a staggering $88 million from his Bitcoin investments in a term less than five years. It all began in 2014 when Draper outbid other bidders in an auction held by the U.S. Marshalls by purchasing a total of 30K Bitcoin, of which he paid $632 for each unit. The $18.96 million [...]

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‘Crypto Utopia’ pushing the borders of liberty to the maximum with new ‘Merits’, not Bitcoin.

Liberland president intends to utilize new 'Merits' digital money, not Bitcoin Liberland has a passionate leader, a committed populace, a working draft of a constitution, and huge plans for what's to come. Vit Jedlička , the President of Liberland, a small self-proclaimed microstate on a patch of land between Croatia and Serbia, is looking to [...]

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Taiwan’s Financial Watchdog is ready for the Crypto Push!

Taiwan’s “Crypto Congressman” renewed his drive for more controlled regulations around the technology by recommending new laws for token transactions. On Friday, Taiwanese lawmaker Jason Hsu published a draft of policy recommendations intended at assisting cryptocurrency startups, including one that would examine the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ (MOEA) ability to create a new business division, [...]

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WISeKey India Pvt. Ltd.

WISeKey India Pvt. Ltd. Industry:Cybersecurity Website A Vertical Cyber Security Platform Founded in 1999, WISeKey International Holding Ltd is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and has its operations in many countries across the globe. The overall WISeKey objective to provide secured solution including hardware and software components as [...]

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